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Kangen means:  Return to Origin

Most of us know the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil we use to grow our crops is not as pure as they once were.  Many years ago, my mother (the sweet little lady on the right), introduced to me what she called "the healthiest water on earth." 

When I learned there was a way my family could drink alive, full of antioxidants, healthy water more like it originally was designed, she had my attention.  I am a weight loss coach by profession and love to do things as natural as possible.  My passion during my adult years has been to help people become healthier by not only losing weight but drinking the right kind of water.  Too many of my dieters were drinking DEAD and ACIDIC water and I knew if our goal was to help their entire body be healthier, there was a missing piece and we needed to change what KIND of water they were drinking.  This led me into sharing with others what I had learned on behalf of my own family.  As a result, I have witnessed amazing health improvements in those I have shared with.  

 Because of my experiences and because of my dedication to true health, my objective is to teach, educate, and encourage health to everyone who will listen!  I hope you take the time to learn!  If you would like to schedule an appointment with me to learn more specifics about the water, please click on the tab called, "Water Class." If you attend the class please make sure you fill out the quick form after!  

To your health!         ~ Jodi 



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