If you have not watched our product video or our company payout video, you should do that now... First.  If you already have, then skip down past the videos so we can get you the India specific details.  Here are the videos...

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Now that you know what we are selling and briefly how the company pays,

Let's discuss specifically... INDIA!


Enagic officially expanded into India in 2016

Here is what we are going to discuss in more detail...


1.  Will it work in India like it does in America and other places?

2.  How much will I make on each machine sale?

3.  How much will my machine cost?  What if I can't afford that right now?

4.  How long will it take me to make money?

5.  How do I get started?


Once you have completed this page, please go down the India list.

#2, #3, #4, and #5 will give you necessary information.

On #6, you get to tell us your thoughts so we know to close your file or help you bring this opportunity to a reality.

    Corporate Office:    The Millenia Tower-B, 4th Floor,Unit-401, No. 1&2, Murphy Road,
Ulsoor, Bangalore- 560008, Karnataka, India   Tel: +080-46509900,

Enagic India:  www.enagic.co.in

Will it work in India like it does in America and other places?

The answer is a strong YES!


SUCCESS data produced by the company in India.  Updated March 2019

It is great to see people in India are doing a fantastic job with the company.  Not only are they being paid VERY well, but the future is very bright in this country.  You would be wise to jump on board sooner rather than later!  Other countries like Malaysia and the Philippines are doing so well with the company.  Let's go India!

Do you remember from your learning that a great goal is to become a 6A in the company?

This means YOUR TEAM has sold over 100 machines and you are at the TOP (forever) of the company's pay!  

This is a huge accomplishment.  This tells us people in India are loving what we have to offer!  There is room for lots more.  There will be many more success stories.  Will you be one?  6A2, 6A2-2 and 6A2-3's are too complicated for you to understand at this point, but just know that the income at these ranks completely transform people's lives.  They are super financially successful.  Their system and hard work worked!  Thank goodness our team has a good system that works.  You just need to apply it!

Check out this list:

6A & Above Distributor Leaders in India as of March 2019

Reminder:  The higher the rank the more money people are making!


Total in India

6A 107
6A2 22
6A2-2 07
6A2-3 02

Total in India at the top of the company:  138


2.  How much will I make on each machine sale?

All of our videos and training talks about the United States dollar, so let's convert it to the Indian rupee to help you better understand.


Machine Model # How much I make per sale

Total per sale depending

on my rank in the company

1A to 6A

JR ll 12600 12600 up to 75600


(shower spa)

13200 13200 up to 79200
SD501 23500 23500 up to 141000

SD501 PT

(stainless steel)

23500 23500 up to 141000
K8 29000 29000 up to 174000

Super 501

(commercial size)

33000 33000 up to 199800


3.  How much will my machine cost?  What if I can't afford that right now?


The cost depends on which machine or product you want.  The most popular machine is the SD501.  Buying ANY product gets you into the company and gives you an ID # so you can start earning money.  Remember, this is a one time expense.  Not only will you and your family be drinking the best water available, full of HEALTH benefits, but you can start referring people and start earning income immediately!  Let's look at price options.  

We DO have financing options available, meaning you can pay NOT ALL up front.  We will discuss that if you need it.

Also, I am about to tell  you about some people who didn't have money for their machines and how they made it happen and who now are soooooo financially set they have the time and money to live their life how they want with who they want!  It's worth the work!  


Machine Model #

How much

does it cost?

JR ll 155000


(shower spa)



*Most popular product*


SD501 PT

(stainless steel)

K8 343000

Super 501

(commercial size)


To see specific details on all products go to our company website at



 How long will it take me to make money?


Well, how soon can you talk to someone and start working?  Start right now!

Let me introduce you to do TWO people who have inspired me.


Meet Mrs. Bakar

from Malaysia

She was able to accomplish the rank of 6A in 18 days.  That is faster than normal (she holds the company record) but a great testament that if you believe in something and get to work, you can change your family's financial future....and it doesn't have to take years to do it.  

I do not know her personally but I have a good idea as to how she accomplished this so quickly and how you can too. I will share that technique with you soon, but first, let's meet Joko.



JOKO from Indonesia

Joko completely changed his life around financially.  When he found our company, he was working as a waiter making very very little money.  When he learned about Enagic and Kangen Water he found a way to get his machine and got to work sharing this amazing program with his friends and family.  He took himself to the top of the company in a very short amount of time and blessed hundreds of families by having drive and determination to change his finances.



So how did these 2 very inspirational people reach their goals so quickly?



Whose life can you bless?  Tell them about the water and about the business.  People deserve to know!

Next, get them to a class OR better yet, invite them all over to your house and either watch the class with them or let me teach all of them at once.  I would love to do a live class for a whole group of your family and friends!  I love teaching!  

The internet makes this possible.

Let's look at numbers.  IF our goal is to have 100 team sales I would bet that Mrs. Bakar and Joko both friend's over to learn about the company.  I would imagine after the meeting, they discovered who wanted IN... they figured out how they were going to pay for their machines, and then they said, "Okay now tomorrow night, go bring your own friends here and we will show them.  Then the next night, those friends brought their friends.  If this is the approach they took, it is no wonder Mrs. Bakar accomplished 100 sales in 18 days. 

Lets look at what is possible IF you did that same thing once a week, and not even once per day like I'm sure they did.  With the internet and my online class, we could definitely share EVERY SINGLE DAY from the comfort of your home computer and/or your phone!  Wow... this is exciting!  Remember, this company changes lives in both the health aspect AND the money.  Who needs to hear about it?  That's right.  Tell them.  Send them the same info you were shown.  Get the job done!  Results are so fun.  Fun for you, fun for them.  We get paid to bless lives.  




Remember how to share?  

HEALTH= www.thewaterweneed.com

MONEY= www.turnwaterintocash.com


This begins the whole process and gets them to the class.

After the class they tell us YOU sent them.  We send them back to you and you help them place their order!  This is the job!  This is the business that can turn into way more than just a job.  Incredible!   

BONUS:  Your Team Leader (Jodi) will do trainings for you for YOUR people!


Note:  A total of 8 sales (team) has your machine paid for!




5.  How do I get started?


There are people everywhere who want to be a part of our company and don't have the funds to make their purchase that gets them into the company.  Do you know what the determined ones have done, especially in the extra poor countries?  They found a way.  We heard at training that people in countries that had no money and no financing options KNEW without a doubt this company and this program could change their family's financial future for generations so they MADE IT HAPPEN. 

In Indonesia people were literally selling their cars and homes to be a part of this journey.   What I love about that is they were determined.  They didn't make excuses.  They did whatever it took to do this!  Remember, you can begin earning money as soon as you send people to the class and they choose to place an order.  

In review, on your first sale (if it is an SD501), you would earn 23500 rupee.

Do it again, you earn that again.  Do it one more time (so 3 times), and now you earn 47000 rupee.  It just keeps climbing and you do the same work! 

Could you handle earning 141000 rupee from one machine sale?  Just so you understand this... as a 6A rank, when you make an SD501 sale, you would earn 141000 rupee.  What if you do a good job with that person and they turn right around and make their own first sale.... they would make   23500 rupee and YOU as a 6A would earn 141000  rupee.  What if he shared it with 10 friends?  Do you understand this?  This is the best and most honest and most fun and most rewarding company to be teamed up with.  AND... most people out there don't have a leader like myself who has designed all of this website and the classes to help you be successful!  I am a smart business person.  If you are successful, so am I.  Teamwork is a blessed, wonderful thing!  People helping people.  That's what this world is missing and we are working to bring it  back.  

We plan to make India a stronger Kangen Water country one family at a time.  We would love to have you when you are ready.  Please continue down the list under the India tab.  There is a lot of helpful information for you on there to help you make an educated decision.  Regardless, thank you for taking the time to learn.  We absolutely love what we do!     ~ Jodi


NOTE:  IF there is absolutely  no way you can come up with your investment money, do not worry.  You will soon be taught about the "Delayed Investment Strategy."  This will show you how to 1. Work First 2. Invest second




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