What if you love this business idea but you 

can't afford the investment?



 You might think you cannot, but we know you can. 

If you can't afford your business investment, you have two choices...

1.  Quit before you start and stay stuck in your current situation.

2. Work hard, with a plan, with someone that cares to earn and save for your investment money.  Know you are doing this to CHANGE your financial future.  Know this is your ticket to more money and more freedom.  Be determined and work with a purpose.  


Here are is a quick summary of the plan.  Details are below.     

1.  Save everything possible, sell what you can do without

 2. Report weekly for encouragement and progress  

3.  When 1/2 the investment money is saved, start working the business

4.  Show your potential business partners... THIS is how you are making it happen when you couldn't afford it!


  Click Here   and we will show you our specific plan for you!



Please note:  Use the following video idea only as a LAST resort.  When financing is used the sponsor's full paycheck is delayed.  They will receive half of their commission check when machine is purchased and not the rest until the machine is paid off.  This process delays everyone's speed and progress.  We much advise earning your down payment.  People will copy you.  If everyone waits, everyone experiences delays.  


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