How much can I earn if I sold 100 machines all by myself?


Please NOTE:  You do NOT need to do this by yourself!  Sales from anyone on your team count for YOURS too... and yes, you make a paycheck on each sale.

Because there is no way to guess on who will sell what, let's pretend for a minute that you did the entire work all by yourself.  Again, this is NOT recommended.  :)  There are different models to choose from but I am going to show you numbers as if everyone bought the model:  SD501.  (Numbers would be less if people bought the JRII and more if they bought the K8.)  Using the most popular SD501, see if it is worth your time and effort.  We know it is!


Rank  # of sales

Paid per sale

Total Earned

1A Your 1st Personal $285 $285
1A Your 2nd Personal $285 $285
2A sales 3-10 $570 x 8 $4,560
3A sales 11-20 $855 x 10 $8,550
4A sales 21-50 $1,140 x 30 $34,200
5A sales 51-100 $1420 x 50 $71,000
6A Sale 101 and above $1,710 Each sale Unlimited

Remember you do NOT

need to do it by yourself.

Grab business partners.

Their sales count for you too!


With 100 sales 

sold by yourself


Minus the cost

of your own 




Worth your time?  Worth the investment? Worth the work?