Please note:  This program is ONLY available in the United States.


The “Good Samaritan” Program

This program is designed to help someone who simply cannot afford to purchase their own machine yet, but are interested in “working” for an International 45+ year old successful billion dollar company.  The job will involve sharing and promoting the company product information and helping place orders.  The Good Samaritan program is designed to HELP those who simply cannot or should not purchase their own machine yet because of various financial limitations. 

You can begin “work” immediately and will receive your first paycheck as soon as you have a first order ready to be placed.  Good Samaritan pay is reduced (compared to full member payout) AND you do NOT get your machine yet, BUT you are eligible to earn income and work towards your own FIRST purchase while earning money all along the way.  When your own purchase is made, you are upgraded to FULL pay.  This can happen whenever you choose.  Here are the details…


1. Get to work immediately.  Go through all the distributor training tabs, have your "Plan Of Action" appointment and get to work.

Begin inviting people to the online classes.  WHEN you have your first sale ready to purchase, we will get you officially into the system with your own ID#.  At this point, there is a fee of $35 to get this set up for you.  Ten days after putting in your paperwork, WITH the paperwork of your 1st sale, your FIRST check will arrive and you will be ready to earn additional paychecks. After you have your ID #, we will not do anymore paperwork.  We will put all future orders into the computer.  Processing orders takes about 10 minutes per order.  Rest assured, you will be paid good, even on the reduced Good Samaritan pay scale.

The following pay structures will show you FULL pay vs. REDUCED Good Samaritan pay.  It is very similar to the traditional pay system only the company holds a portion of your commission check back (in a savings account) to put towards your own first product.  The additional income (not set aside) is the amount you earn that you are allowed to keep or to put aside (on your own) to help pay for your own machine or on personal expenses life demands.  What you choose to spend your additional income on is up to you.  This program blesses lives financially when other options in life are limited.  J Be grateful.



Full pay vs. TEMPORARY Reduced pay

These #’s shown are from the sale of an SD501, the most popular machine we sell.

 Different products have different commission amounts but this will give you an idea of how Enagic pays the people that help educate and promote the products they manufacture.







Requirement for promotion


Full Pay

From Enagic

(Slightly reduced)

Good Samaritan

Pay Scale


Company withholds from your paycheck to put towards your own FIRST product


Good Samaritan




Personal Sale #1













Personal Sale #2













Team Sales 3-10













Team sales  11-20











 Team sale 21-50











Team Sale 51-100





















R U L E S:

 It takes a “personal sale” to jump up to the next promotional pay scale.

Personal sale 1 AND 2 are requirements before additional promotions.

Remember, you will not only earn on your own immediate sales, BUT ALSO the sales from your sales!

The product is so good, most people refer people.  YOU will receive a paycheck from EACH referral.

Do the math…  This can add up quickly!  You place one order and they tell their family.  They all place orders.  YOU receive multiple paychecks… one for each order placed.  J

For those with their eyes on the 6A Rank (100+ TEAM sales), Good Samaritan accounts DO count towards TEAM sales, however  you can only count 5 Good Samaritan accounts in your count to 100 so only offer the Good Samaritan to those that truly fall into this category.  You are NOT paid a commission on the Good Samaritan account (because they haven’t bought anything yet), but YOU DO receive commission on their sales.  When you have saved enough money for your own machine, you upgrade and you will then switch to FULL PAY!  

We Bless Lives & Families… It’s What We Do!