Kangen Water machines are most famous for the health and healing capabilities of the drinking water.  Created in 1974, the drinking water is just one benefit the machines are used.  For a school we are going to look into the CLEANING aspect of the Kangen Water Machines.   

Do you know how many dollars are spent on cleaning supplies and chemicals for your school system per year?  Would it be beneficial to the school's budget to reduce those costs?  What if they were replaced with a cleaning agent that proved to be more effective, more sterile, and more powerful than what you currently purchase?  The Kangen Water machine offers you an unlimited supply of these cleaning agents straight from your machine.  The machine would be placed in a central location and cleaning bottles/containers would be repeatedly refilled directly from the machine.  No need to keep repurchasing more chemicals.     

A commercial unit (Model SD501 Super) would be the necessary purchase size for a school as it is designed for higher production output.    Replacement filters would need to be purchased twice a year and each commercial machine uses two filters per machine.  Filters cost between $100 to $120 each.  

This is what the commercial machine looks like...

A few questions for you to think about before we get into the learning process:

1.  How much is your school currently spending on cleaning supplies and chemicals per year?

2.  How well are those cleaning agents really doing for your kids?  How clean are those wrestling mats?

3.  Would purchasing a machine save your school a significant amount of money because it is a one-time purchase and you retrieve unlimited cleaning supplies from that one purchase?

The cost for the commercial sized machine is $5,980.  They come with a 5 year warranty but are designed to last 20 years.    

Click HERE for specific details on the Commercial Machine


Different waters/ Different uses... One Machine

The machine makes 3 types of drinking water (which won't be of much use for the actual school besides the fact that the staff would enjoy having excellent water to drink on a daily basis), but beyond that, the main functions of the machine would be to use the 2.5 pH water and the 11.5 pH water.

The strong acidic 2.5 pH water would be used for all cleaning/sterilization around the school.

The 11.5 pH water would be used for all stains/degreaser needs in carpets, etc.

11.5 water would also be used in the kitchen to clean chemicals off all the fruits and vegetables fed in the cafeteria.

All of the floors would also be cleaned using the water. 



Personal Insight:  2.5 pH as an important sterile cleaner

In a hospital in western Kansas, the 2.5 water was tested on an unclean hospital floor before it was cleaned.  State law mandates sterile levels must be 45 or below to conform with rules and regulations.  A test was done on the floor BEFORE spraying 2.5 Strong Acidic Kangen Water on it.  The initial reading was 204.  The floor was sprayed with 2.5 and the test was repeated 15-30 seconds later.  The results were phenomenal yet very predictable (see pictures below).  The sterile # was an immediate 9... well beyond the 45 to pass inspections.  Please keep in mind, Kangen Machines are used in hundreds of hospitals in Japan, specifically in their surgical units, among other places.  It would definitely be powerful enough for your school and pass all state inspections.  Here are pictures of the test that was done in a local hospital. 




Let's talk wrestling!

Humid environments are the perfect set up for staph, MRSA, and other terrible infections.  Keeping the mats perfectly sterile is a must otherwise the kid's health can be greatly compromised.  In addition to cleaning the mats with strong acidic 2.5 pH water, we would even advise there to be a spray bottle with 2.5 pH water to spray directly on the wrestler's skin after they come off the mats. 

The following pictures are family members who have been effected from unsterile wrestling mats.  Not only is this damaging to them short term, but there are long term health issues directly related to this.  Encouraging schools to do a better job keeping those mats more sterile is a passion of ours because our family has been directly effected by this issue.  Here are a few pictures of my son and my nephew who were both effected by unclean wrestling mats and although this happened several years ago, they are both still effected by this issue.  ~ Jodi


For a longer explanation of the power of the sterile water, click HERE


The PSA (below) on wrestling mats helps us understand the need.  Your Kangen Water machine would be the "cleaning agent" (the 2.5 water) used in all of the wrestling room cleaning protocol.   





11.5 pH water


Stains and Cleaning Carpets and More

NOTE:  I apologize in advance for the split second crude gesture shown.  Besides that, it's a great video showing what it will do with stains on your school's carpets.  



Click HERE for research on sterile cleaning of the water  

Please note, the following definition will be helpful for you are you look at the research on the sterile abilities. 

Also, please pay attention in the article to where it says, "Alternative disinfection technology utilizing a product derived from saline and electricity, "superoxidized water," produces a cidal activity 50-100 times that of household bleach, addressing growing resistance issues of standard terminal cleaning agents. Electrolyzed sodium hypochlorous acid (HOCL), produces an efficient disinfecting adjunct to standard terminal cleaning and provides many advantages in optimizing infection prevention in the hospital environment."  Our machines provides an unlimited supply of electrically charged, oxidized water.  

hypochlorous acid 


an unstable acid known only in solution and in the form of its salts, formed when chlorine dissolves in water: a strong oxidizing and bleaching agent. Formula: HOCl

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