Interested in teaming up with SUCCESS?

Enagic is a 45+ year old INTERNATIONAL company


You have the option of working part-time, full-time, OR zero-time.

Income can be part-time, full-time, or zero-time.




Across the GLOBE, Enagic needs educators, so they pay their distributors WELL to spread the message of TRUE HEALTH.  This company mission is in full force and you have the opportunity to be a part of the movement.


True Health:  Healthy body, Healthy mind, Healthy Finances.

You cannot have TRUE HEALTH without experiencing all three!

ENAGIC pays their people well to share the message of TRUE HEALTH.


See what we mean...

(Please note: Numbers shown are with the sale of a K8. Each model # has its own commission amount.)

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We would love to work with you.  E-Mail us:  jodi@loveyourwater2.com 




Enjoy this motivational LEADERSHIP video. 

Imagine all these people having better HEALTH. 

Imagine receiving a commission check for ALL of them!

Join our team committed to taking this to the world one family at a time!