Is Kangen Water expensive?  



US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Quote:
“We generally pay much less for our drinking water than we do for most other goods and services…On average, tap water costs are slightly more than $2 per 1,000 gallons…Each of us, on average, uses over 100 gallons of water per day for everything from drinking and bathing to watering our gardens…This equates to an average annual water bill of about $300 per household---“
The 15 year Kangen™ Water information is based on the Enagic SD501, with a retail price of $3,980.00. It also includes the cost of a high-grade filter, replaced annually; 2 cleaning cartridges, used annually; 5 cleaning services, once every 3 years, performed by Enagic technicians and the average cost of tap water, as indicated by the US EPA, at the rate of $.002 per gallon.

Water Source Price per Gallon Price per Year Total 15 Year Cost
Enagic SD501 $.002 $417.79 $6,266.90
Aquafina $1.59 $1,160.70 $17,410.50
Dasani $1.89 $1,379.70 $20,695.50
Evian $7.49 $5,467.70 $82,015.50
Home Water Delivery $1.49 $1,087.70 $16,315.50

NOTE: Figures were calculated based on a family of four, using a recommended daily water consumption formula of ½ the body weight of each individual in ounces of water: Father – 190 lbs, Mother – 160 lbs, 13 year old son – 100 lbs, 10 year old daughter – 75 lbs. Weights based on National Center for Health Statistics for average weights of individuals living in the US. This family should consume 262.5 ounces, or 2.05 gallons, of water each day. The calculations above have been figured using 2 gallons of daily consumption.

These prices are only looking at the drinking water.  The Enagic Machine also will be used for all household cleaners, beauty water, and more!