Guidelines on

How and When to Clean

Take care of  your machine and it will take care of you!


1st Time of Day EVERYDAY

Run on BEAUTY Water for 2-3 minutes.This warms up the plates and gets it ready for the day!


For every 15 minutes the water is actually coming out of the machine (OR every time you use the Acidic Water), it will say "It Cleans It."  When this happens, KEEP THE WATER RUNNING and let it do its thing.  It will BEEP while it cleans.  When it is done, it will go back to your desired water selection.

1-2 Times per Month (Manually) If you want your machine to stay in tip top condition, cleaning it manually a minimum of 1-2 times per month is important.  The video below will show you how.  It is fairly easy and important.
DEEP Professional Cleaning

An annual DEEP professional cleaning is available for a small charge from Enagic.  This is optional but available.  



C L E A N  I T !!!

Manually clean your machine 1-2 times per month.

Find your model # below and follow the instructions.


SD501 or SD501 Platinum              



Under the counter




Take care of your machine and it will take care of you!