Click HERE to watch our "How To Install" video.  Variations may apply depending on which machine you have, but there will be instructions sent with whichever machine you purchased.  

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Machine Installation & Maintenance

 IMPORTANT Do's and Don'ts

Once your machine is installed, let water run through the filter for 3-5 minutes to make sure there are no particles coming out in the water.

THEN, once it is clear, run it on BEAUTY WATER for about 3 minutes (like you will do EVERY morning). 

NOW, you are ready to push the desired water.  Always start on 8.5 and work your way up to 9.0, and ultimately 9.5.

Do NOT run HOT WATER through your machine.  This can ruin it!

Do NOT run your water pressure too fast.  IF you do, the machine will tell you to slow down the pressure.