N E E D   F I N A N C I N G?


We have a couple of financing options:


0% Interest Credit Card

1.  Our most used option is to sign up for a 0% credit card for 18 months. There are many out there.  Click HERE to choose which card is best for you.   Minimum payment on a $4000 machine would be 10%, so approximately $40 per month.  HOWEVER, we are huge advocates of NOT acquiring debt, especially where you pay interest, so we encourage you to NOT only pay the minimum, but pay as much as you can per month so you can have it paid off by the time the 18 months is done.  Also, if you earn referral thank you checks by sharing the water info with friends and family, use those checks to pay off your own machine!  It only takes 8 total machine referrals (whether it comes from you OR people you shared with) to pay your entire machine off.  Keep that in mind!  If your credit is not good, this option will not work for you, so you will need to consider one of the other options.  You do receive your machine right away with this option.  IF you already have a credit card with space to put the machine on, then that is the fastest, easiest way.  Then you can apply for a 0% interest care and move that balance over asap so you are not paying interest.  Then, pay it off quickly!


Enagic Company Financing


2.  Using Enagic's financing system is best for people that do NOT have good credit because Enagic (the Kangen Water company) does NOT check your credit.  Period.  The only downside is this option requires a down payment of around $900 (depending on which  machine you choose).  Then you have a monthly payment of around $200/month for approximately 18 months.  There are different options.  If you don't have $900 for a down payment but really want your machine, then sell something!  Be determined.  Normally when we really want something we find a way to get it.  You do receive your machine right away with this option.  


Good Samaritan Financing


3.  If the above options are not going to work for you, but you genuinely want a machine there is a program called, "The Good Samaritan" and it offers you a way to start selling machines to earn money to purchase your own.  You do NOT receive your machine right away with this option and it is our last choice, but has worked well for several people if this was their only option.  It costs just under $35 for the special kit and you must have a paying sale ready at the time you send in your paperwork.  You also will receive a commission thank you check, it just won't be quite as high as if you were a full paying buyer.  You may upgrade at any time.