If you would rather fill out paperwork and fax it in, you may do that too.  Here's how:

Fill out paperwork  and FAX it 

You will need to print, fill in and fax 4 EASY forms


Click HERE for forms in the USA

Click HERE for forms in INIDA


Ask your sponsor which forms you will need and where to send them.

               NOTE:  If you are purchasing using an LLC, you will need to send in your "Articles of Corporation" immediately after you place your order.  IF you order online, take a picture of your "Articles of Corporation" and email it to: cc@enagic.com  Subject:  Articles of Corporation for new order.      If you are ordering via paperwork, fax it in WITH the rest of the forms.   

United States Customers: use this location guide                Other Countries Your paperwork will be different, so please get back to know which sales center to fax your paperwork to                                                     with whoever showed you the company 



Please allow 7 - 10 Days for your machine to arrive!


Click Here  for a guide to help you while you wait!


Have Questions?  Need help?  Call your sponsor!  They love helping place orders.

IF your sponsor is not available, call JODI @ (620)214-3039 and she will help you.