"Distributor's Training Part 2"

Learn as you earn

Hopefully you are already off and running.  You are already working your list and getting people to the class or inviting them over and showing them the class info.  However, you choose to do it is just fine!  Do which style you like best! 

Now that you have the basics, we need to train you more.  Learn AS YOU earn!  Don't wait to have all this figured out... you should already be getting people to the information.  You may already be processing orders and you may be already to receive your first paycheck or maybe several paychecks. 

Here is what we are going to go over next:  

1. Different ways to do your job and grow your business 

2. Understanding direct and indirect sales

3. Leadership video



Let's review the ways you can do your job and grow YOUR business.

Everything is in place for you.  Pick your style! Better yet, do them all at once!

1.  Use technology.  Send the following appropriate website to your key people. 

Don't just send them the link.  

Tell them WHY you think they definitely need to check this out.  Your enthusiasm and good attitude will make them WANT to look.  Discover WHY it would be good for them and communicate that reason to them!  This option runs them through the class just like you did.  After they attend the class, make sure you tell them they need to fill the form out after the class and make sure they say YOU are the one that invited them to the class.  We want to make sure YOU get credit and the sale for sending them! Plus it plants a seed in their head that "Oh he/she is getting credit for referrals... maybe I could do that too." Exactly!


2.  Joko and Mrs. Bakar Style

Invite friends over and accomplish a LOT in one night!

  You can show them the class yourself OR have JODI teach them for you live!

This can be VERY effective!  Then tell all your interested friends, "Hey, we are doing this again tomorrow night... go get your own friends and bring them here.  We have to show them!" 

It can spread so quickly doing it this way!


Your best friends deserve to know about this business! 

Chances are good they will join you!


Understanding direct AND indirect sales

Watch this video.  If needed, watch it over and over again until you truly understand your pay on direct AND indirect sales can add up so quickly. This is BIG!

When I first started I watched this video probably five times in a row because I couldn't believe what it was saying was real.  I thought maybe I wasn't understanding it correctly.  I soon found out, I was!  When I shared the water with someone who NEEDED the health benefits from the water and he loved it and bought his machine.  THEN, he wanted his whole family to have machines too so they all bought theirs.  FOUR of his family bought one.  When I received FIVE paychecks in the mail from that ONE family my mind was blown because I had only shared with him... ONE person.  Referrals are powerful.  The video was absolutely correct!  Now that I understood the video, I went out and worked and created more checks and made the amount MUCH BIGGER than the first time I received multiple checks in one day!  What a great and very fun feeling!

This concludes this portion of this training.  On this last step, please watch the following 3 minute leadership video. If you have already watched it, watch it again only this time imagine blessing that many people's health by improving the water they drink.  Now imagine receiving a paycheck for ALLLL those people!  If you follow what we are teaching you, you have an extremely high probability of truly changing lives... including your own!

There is a saying that says, "If you treat it like a hobby, it will pay like a hobby.  If you treat it like a business it will pay like a business."  

We look forward to working with you!

Enjoy the video. We BLESS lives and get paid for it.



If you are ready this it tells us you are serious about making this a business and you are now ready for the next and final training step.... Advanced Distributor Training!

Please ask your sponsor what the password is! 

If your sponsor is not doing a good job guiding you, you can always ask Jodi.  Contact her and she will get you the password.  You can email her at jodi@loveyourwater2.com  Tell her you need the password for the Advanced Training.  

 We are definitely looking forward to working with you!


"Change Your Water, Change Your Life"