The healing attributes of Kangen water often gives our body the ability to help injuries and illnesses improve at often record speeds.


DISCLAIMER:  We are NOT making any medical claims.

Here are a few of our own personal experiences.   In each of these situations below, the person was drinking the correct pH of water and also were treated by either soaking or applying externally the 2.5 strong acidic water & beauty water. 

Be sure to watch the video located on the "OTHER USES" tab called 2.5 Strong Acidic.


Jodi's husband's horse accident:

Day 1 of injury Day 3 of injury Day 5 of injury


Pink Eye

At night

The next



Tumors from stage 4 cancer

Before water 3 weeks later


Terrible rash that just wouldn't go away


5 weeks of being treated

with creams and medicine

10 days after

drinking AND applying

the water


Extreme Eczema


Before/After Water Before/After Water


MRSA Infection