If you loved step 1 and step 2 (like most people do), it is time to invite you to our free online class. It is recorded so you can listen to it as soon as your schedule allows.  Before we show you how to access the class, it is good for you to know our company works on a referral system.  With just a handful of referrals you can get your machine paid for. Whether referrals interests you or not, there are people all over the world looking for an honest company to work for and with, so please learn and share with them.  


The referral system can bless the following situations:

~ People needing extra part time income

~ People searching for a profitable side business who would like to put in a few extra hours per week

~ People interested in a full-time income to replace a job, create a solid retirement plan, get out of debt or create the freedom that comes with financial wealth.

Can't wait to see how the company pays and want to take a sneak peek into that information even before you attend the class? Go ahead and click HERE.  It is a 13 minute video and will get straight to the point. Then you can come back and do the class.  Knowledge is power, but do not worry about understanding all of it. Just catch the concept.  We will teach you more later if your interest is growing! 


Now It Is Class Time!

The class you are about to attend will teach more on the specific health benefits but also introduce you to people interested in partnering up with our billion dollar international company.  Remember, we work on a referral basis.  After you attend the class, there is a quick form necessary for you to fill out.  It lets us know WHO invited you to the class.  It also lets us know if you have interest in us following up with you or not, so please don't forget to fill it out, and don't forget to tell them who sent you.   If you do have interest after attending the class, we will help you get more specifics and more training by sending you to our company website specific to your country.  


Click HERE to access the class