Enagic (The Kangen Water Company) loves to say:


Do you know anyone who also
would benefit from the water?

          Anyone for a side-business?



We have made it very easy for you to share this information with those you care about.  Once you have your own machine ready, simply share our information with others.  If you share the actual water, make sure you only give them FREE water from your machine for a short time period. For your local prospects, it is best to only give water to those who are willing to be educated about it.  Show them our basic information and get them to a class so we can finish educating them.    

You can do that by clicking HERE.

When they want their own machine, they use YOUR ID# to order and

the company sends YOU a THANK YOU CHECK.  


  EIGHT machines in your circle of friends and yours is FREE


Whose life can you bless by sharing?




SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY...They will thank you!

~And so will Enagic~